Black Sunsets

In a Sea of Shadow

Though there was some concern about the Voidmind that was encountered, the Guild worked as normal and accepted more jobs, including one with a bit of the strange.

A group from the Mercenary Guild was sent to the village Kelsler to find a reason for a strange phenomenon. The village and the surrounding landscape was being engulfed by shadow. And the shadow was expanding. The culprit turned out to be a a pair of planar rifts opening to the Plan of Shadow. specifically, into an area of plane known… as the Darklands, a region infused with Negative Energy.

This Negative Energy is suffusing the entire area, sicking the old, the children and infirm. The portals were found and studied by a Wizard named Vizerian. And Vizerian had lost his grip on reality.

After much searching, the group was able to close the portals but after closing the last portal, Vizerian was found murdered. The culprit was the the town’s blacksmith, who had been turned into a Voidmind. He was slain, but not before it was found that Illithids had interfered with Vizerian’s experiments and driven him mad.

This crisis was averted and the group was greeted by a Trumpet Archon. The Archon gave the group the thanks of his patron, the Goddess Sarenrae. But they could not rest. They immediately sent north by the Guild.



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