Black Sunsets

Prelude to War

It began when the Mercenary Guild of the City of Starbridge received a simple request: Retrieve a set of sacred stones stolen from a little known kingdom. Luckily, they had a lead to start with. Possible sightings of a stone from the hamlet of Insernamere.

A group was dispatched and, in time, all three stones found. However, they found a few surprises. The heist of the stones was performed by a human who had been turned into a Voidmind, a slave of the Illithids. And, while they were told there were 12 stones, each tied to a sign of the Zodiac, they found a 13th stone, bearing the sign of the Serpent. They also found a silver compass that bore a message in Sylvan: “He who is attuned shall find he who bears the blood of the god of mortal brutes.” Both the serpent stone and compass were taken to the Guild.



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