Black Sunsets

War has begun. The Mercenary Guild of Starbridge has begun a fight against the Illithids of the Underdark. The Illithids are after an magical object called the Serpent Stone, retrieved by the Guild after a previous mission.

They do not know why the Illithids want the Stone. But if they want it, the Guild cannot let them have it.

Allies are gathering. Armies are building. The fighting as started. But they have to find out why… and how to stop it. And it must be stopped before the world sees it final sunset.

Black Sunsets began sometime ago before being posted here. It is an episodic campaign that is designed to let the players feel both sides of the war, running missions for both the guild and the Underdark as well as the different aspects: intelligence gathering, location defense, skirmishes, etc.

Time will tell how the conflict will go. Will they stop the war and save everyone, or will they doom us all? we can only wait and see

Black Sunsets

Mishna Lord_Nezeroth