Black Sunsets

A Ghost's Vision and a Skeleton's Revival

The Guild sent them immediately north to the city of Ghostwalk, where the dead walk among the living. On the way, they stopped a roadside Inn and heard a tale of a skeleton made of silver that was being hid somewhere in the area. they also heard tale of a Paladin of Sarenrae name Elucdia. They were also enlisted by the owner of the Inn to help in resolving issues witha Kobold tribe living in the local aqueduct.

There they found the skeleton they had been told about in the Inn suspending within a Gelatinous Cube. With the cube destroyed, the skeleton began to regenerate, thanks to a Ring of Regeneration on its finger. The skeleton turned out to be Elucdia herself, a succubus that had turned against her demonic nature to serve Sarenrae as a Paladin.

They ventured into the aqueduct again, this time at the behest of Elucdia, to retrieve a set of bracers held by the Kobolds. In the Kobolds den, they encountered the former leader of the tribe who had turned himself into a mummy.

The mummy slain, they turned again north with the gratitude Elucdia and the Inn’s owner. There the found the ghost of Vizerian who was to cast a divination for the Guild. The visit however was short lived as the divination revealed horror. They returned to Starbridge only to find the city in flames and guild in chaos. The Underdark had attacked with Illithids in the lead. War had began.



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